Is It Possible to Automate Customer Engagement through Social Media?

August 3, 2016 - FUEL

One of the biggest problems with marketing over social media is that you often have to manage each social media account, which can take hours out of your day. Unlike other marketing strategies, it takes ongoing research, tracking, and communication to manage consumer behavior and improve your social media conversion rates. Many companies and individuals, however, are now utilizing strategies that can work towards marketing automation with social media.

Automation with Social Media isn’t set and forget:
Unlike setting up a PPC campaign, or posting blogs, even automation through social media isn't an absolute set-up-and-forget marketing campaign. There are certainly ways you can save time, but you still need to make sure your automation tools are working and continuing to convert at the same rights as you were seeing when you were managing your social media profiles.

Must-haves for Automation:
Picking the right time: Automating from the start can be a big mistake. With social media it's important to have a real human experience. This means you can, by all means, use tools to set up and schedule actions on social media, but the interactions with your customers should not be generic or automated. Be sure to establish yourself with original content and posts before turning to an aggregator or automatic link poster. Generic updates can also quickly make your page lose interest. Choose the right time to automate and rollout the next stages of automation so that your friends and fans can stay engaged.

The Best Features on Social Media to Automate:
Content scheduling: There are automation tools that you can use for scheduling updates. This means you could curate several posts days in advance to send them out and tweet/post every day. Using tools like Social Sprout, Hootsuite, for example, can help you generate a schedule of posts to work on your content all at once. RSS feed tweets: You can set up your social media accounts to display updates whenever you publish a new blog to your RSS feed. Full management: If you are very pressed for time and you need to keep up on customer responses, you could consider social media management services to free up your employees while still offering real user responses to your customers. Having an experienced social media manager can help you to really improve your conversion rates and customer feedback. Customer responses and interactions are something you should never automate, as this kills the human connection element of social media, which is its appeal.

In short, it is very possible to automate processes in social media. What's important to remember, however, is that these automation processes should only be used to save time in scheduling content or creating a more professional profile. Tracking conversion rates and regularly maintaining human interactions is essential to harnessing the power of social media. If you are really pressed for time and you need to free up your employees, you may want to consider social media management services to automate more of your social media processes while maintaining quality results.

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